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 is about mothers and their children.  About finding the right quality products for your new blooming body and then for your new little blossom! takes the time to find the items that make a difference to you and turns the new experience of motherhood into a fun and creative time.


The vision for MaliMoo Baby Maternity was born while I spent my time recovering from a hysterectomy. After my return to work, I began to re-evaluate my life and finally understood that childhood is a short time in one's life; my little baby was now a school aged boy. I realized that I had a few years left to enjoy the little boy before he'd be ready to start his own life as a young man.


The hope and joy of pregnancy and motherhood is the biggest part of me. My greatest inspiration, none other than my beautiful son. He is my joy, my "sonshine" and my every reason for happiness.


My goals for this store is simple: To provide a beautiful selection of formal maternity dresses and other trendy maternity wear to help bring out the best in mothers.


So here is, named after my niece, one of the many children in my life who has helped me see that anything is possible.


As mothers we sow the seeds of our future generation. We have the power to change the world by what we feed and how we mold each precious seedling, one at a time. We do this selflessly with the hopes that each generation will bring greater peace into the world. is dedicated to the world of mothers: The extraordinary women who help form the minds of the future.


Welcome to my little world!



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